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Briwax: the natural wax


Introducing "the natural wax" and your wood's best friend. Created in 1860 by Henry Flack, Briwax was invented for use by the finest wood craftsmen in Europe, and was impressive enough to garner recognition from the British Crown.

The secret to Henry Flack's success was the blend. Bri wax is made from a blend of soft beeswax and imported carnauba palm; a hard, waxy emollient from South America. Since its inception, the news has rapidly spread throughout master craftsmen and guilds across Europe and to the United States, and for that reason Briwax beeswax wholesale products became a household name.

Beeswax, furniture polish ingredient

Furniture Polish Ingredient

Beeswax was the ingredient that started it all. It has a number of commercial uses, such as fine candles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and shoe polish and makes perfect sense as one of the natural ingredients used in the beeswax furniture polish that made Henry Flack famous. It is a completely natural wax, produced in the bee hives of honey bees. Thus, it is naturally compatible with wood, and perfect for the Briwax line.

Bri wax: beeswax and carnauba

Beeswax was combined with Carnauba wax to form the polish blend that swept the nation. Carnauba wax is derived from the leaves of the carnauba palm, a plant native to northeastern Brazil, and is known as the "queen of waxes". Naturally, the "queen of waxes" belongs in the king of wood polishes; the Bri wax line.

In fact, Carnauba wax is increasingly effective when mixed with beeswax. It is so effective that it is used in automobile waxes, shoe polishes, on guitars, surfboards, and more. Thus, when you're looking for wood polish, look for Carnauba/beeswax furniture polish. Look to offers a full line of the famous wood finishing products, and has them available for retail or wholesale purchases. Whether you're polishing wood in your home, or as a professional, has what you need. So, discover "the natural wax", and the choice of craftsmen worldwide. Make a purchase from

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