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Briwax wood finish products

Wood Finish Products

Patina is the natural, original finish of a wood, and a look that was extremely difficult to maintain and/or regain before the Briwax brand of products came into being. Since the Briwax brand of wood finish products was created, however, Patina is the new standard.

Briwax came into being in 1860 when a man named Henry Flack began blending waxes and manufacturing polishes in East London. The polishes that came out of Henry Flack LTD. were so superior that they earned recognition by the British Crown, and they are now, under the Briwax name, the "craftsman's choice" of American professional woodworkers and refinishers. In addition, Briwax's carnauba and beeswax furniture polish is ideal for homeowners that demand quality from their wood keeping products.

Environmentally safe wood finishes

Environmentally Safe Wood Finishes

When Briwax was created in 1860, environmental concerns were not really an issue. However, in the 1990s, the government began regulating toluene, a solvent used in the Briwax Original wood finish products, as it was identified as environmentally unfriendly when used in large amounts.

Briwax responded to the demands of consumers by identifying a toluene alternative and creating Toluene Free Briwax. Like the Original, Toluene Free uses the identical beeswax/carnauba blend, but uses mineral spirits instead. The result is a line of environmentally safe wood finishes, and a company with a proven reputation for customer satisfaction.

Briwax beeswax furniture polish

Consumers ask for Briwax by name, and is committed to selling all the fine Briwax products our customers desire. Whether you're looking for environmentally safe wood finishes or products that are simply the best available, you can find both at

Briwax's beeswax furniture polish and other products are simply first rate. Whether you're polishing wood in your home, or as a professional, has what you need. Discover why Briwax is the choice of Craftsmen worldwide. Discover Briwax products and the meaning of Patina at today.

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